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Temporary Video Game Discussion.

This will only be opened, since another Wiki's chat is being silly so we'll just talk about Gaming and things here.

Will be deleted if it doesn't get a reply that soon.

Try to keep swearing to a minimum, but I won't do anything if you DO swear, it just means I'll have to delete this thread somewhere down the line and you'll be unable to look back on it in the future.

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If you get a PS3 or PSP you can get the game really cheap on the PSN Store.

PSP's are going down in price significantly now.

I'm currently hooked on Densetsu No Stafy and Klonoa, myself.

(Moving off the PC but I can still stay on this thread for a bit on another device.)

I might look into a PSP sometime then. Sounds like something I would get and the PSP ver. or parappa is dirt cheap compared to the console versions.

Densetsu No Stafy and Klonoa? I've heard of Stafy from smash but not Klonoa.


Klonoa is really good. It's 2.5D like New Super Mario Bros but it's really innovative in terms of the background. The ending is worth the journey too. I'd start with the PS1 version if I were you. I started out with the GBA  game "Klonoa Empire of Dreams" ages ago when a friend and I swapped GBA cartridges. I had to give it back sadly, but I bought it again just recently. It's very rare now, I got it for 22 pounds.  plus I see you saw that  Sign Of Hero song I linked on Tumblr, which is from the Japanese only Klonoa Heroes Densetsu No Star Medal for the GBA.

It's in my top 10 greatest video games of all time, and I've only played it recently so that's a bold statement to make.

(The other wiki's chat is working fine now)

Sorry for the late reply. My assignment didn't go through so I had to re-submit it and I hat to take a shower. Also on my Xbox and chat won't load for it as far as I know XP

God, more of a reason to get a PS1. Do you know if PS1 games are compatable with PS2 games? If so, I'll see how much they are in my country.


If you're wondering if you can play PS1 games on PS2, yes-- but you need the Phat model and it's still region locked-- which is a shame.

Hm, maybe my bro could softmod it. Either way, I'd still love a PS or a PSP. I've held a PSP about twice in my life mut I've never really owned one.


I'll just warn you though:

They got rid of the PSN Store on PSP. You'll need to purchase games from the  official site now, or through a PS3.

Ah, the I guess I'll hold out on the PSP for a bit. And I don't think I'll ever get the money to own a PS3.


I see. You're still able to buy them online on Sony's site, then you can use your download list on the PSP.  The PSP has a great JRPG library as well. Star Ocean and Valkyria Chronicles 2 to name a few.

You should really listen to some Rune Factory Openings. They're  simply amazing to me.

Rune Factory 4 - Opening-001:36

Rune Factory 4 - Opening-0

Ohhhhhh swiggidy-sawg, that intro's got that, yo. Really do like the animation of it, yo.

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