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Song: Tone of Ocean (AKA Densetsu no Stafy Theme) Singer: BECKY Series: Densetsu no Stafy Video Games (Developed by Nintendo and TOSE) English: The Legend of Stafy (Officially The Legendary Starfy in North America) Year: 2002

EDIT 4/6/2013 Kanjii and Romajii Lyrics provided by ChikasaurusGL, thank you so much! If anyone can translate these lyrics please message me.

Japanese (Kanji):

おっちょこちょいでドジなスタフィー 宝落としてダメスタフィー (ありゃりゃ) ひとりぼっちの王子だフィー (きびしー) 初めて海を行くのだフィー

身長36センチ 7歳 標準体型 趣味はグラサン集め


それ行けさぁゆけ スイスイスタフィー スタタだっっしゅだ スタスタフィー (はやー) ゆかいな仲間と いっしょだフィー (うれしー) 敵を倒しに 行くのだフィー

つらい時も がんばりおよぎ くるくる スピンアタック 調子に 乗るとピヨピヨ



身長36センチ 7歳 標準体型 趣味はグラサン集め

テンカイまでは遠いだフィー 宝求めて行くのだフィー くるくる回って戦うフィー 友達思いのいい奴 スタフィー


Otchokochoi de dojina Sutafī Takara otoshite dame Sutafī (aryarya) Hitori botchi no ōjida fī (kibishī) Hajimete umi o iku noda fī

Shinchō san-jū roku-senchi Nana-sai hyōjun taikei Shumi wa gurasan atsume

'Oidon no musume-kko wa anta o warui yakko to omo~tsu terude gowasu'

Soreike sā yuke sui sui Sutafī Sutatadasshuda suta Sutafī (hayā) Yu kaina nakama to isshoda fī (ureshī) Teki o taoshi ni iku noda fī

Tsurai toki mo ganbari oyogi Kurukuru Supin Atakku Chōshi ni noru to piyopiyo

'Kawai ko-chan o itadaita bōn! Kyō mo genkida bobobobōn!'

'Papa kani mo nakitai kani'

Shinchō san-jū roku-senchi Nana-sai hyōjun taikei Shumi wa gurasan atsume

Tenkai made wa tōida fī Takara motomete iku noda fī Kurukuru mawatte tatakau fī Tomodachi omoi no ī yakko Sutafī

UPDATE 10/10/14 English Lyrics

Careless and clumsy Starfy. He dropped some treasure. Bad Starfy, fii. (damn) He is a lonely prince on his own, fii. (it's hard) He is going to the sea for the first time, fii.

36 centimeters tall and 7 years old with a standard body type, his hobby is collecting sunglasses.

"My daughter thinks you are a bad guy".

Come on, go over there, swim, swim Starfy. Su-ta-ta Dash Su-ta-Starfy. (already done?) He is together with fun friends, fii. (happy) He is going to defeat an enemy, fii.

Even in hard times, he uses his Turbo Swim. His Star Spin goes around and around. If you get carried away with it, he gets dizzy.

"I have received a cutie, KONK! What a fine day today, KONK KONK KONK KOONK!"

"Papa Crab wants to cry, kani".

36 centimeters tall and 7 years old with a standard body type, his hobby is collecting sunglasses.

It is a long way away to Pufftop, fii. He is going in search of treasure, fii. He will fight by spinning around and around, fii.

His friends think that Starfy is a nice guy.

  • Note: "Fii" is the sound Stafy makes

ALL CREDIT goes to on the "Title Song" Page, I can't post the exact link because it won't direct it to the page. Thank you so much!

First Commercial for this game:

Second Commercial:

Music Video: (The Music Video version cuts the song by about a minute and was used to promote the first game, this aired on a kids show in Japan called "Oha Suta")

Short Perfume Version (This was to promote the third game and also aired on "Oha Suta")

This is the image song of Nintendo's not so famous video game series Densetsu no Stafy. This song is a rare find. There are 4 different versions of this song excluding the video game instrumentals. The 1st by BECKY, the 2nd by Kazuki Saya (the full version of hers is impossible to find, I'm going to try my best to get the CD), a 50 second version by Perfume, and the 4th one by a group called C-UTE.

UPDATE 10/10/14

Second Version of Tone of the Ocean (Starfy's Great Adventure):

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