Sonic the Hedgehog Pasta was a food product conceptualized in the early 90's by Franco-American  based off of the popular Sonic the Hedgehog Series, that came in three cans.



Sonic the Hedgehog Pasta USA Commercial00:31

Sonic the Hedgehog Pasta USA Commercial



-Zoom in on a teenager's glasses as he plays Sonic 3-

-Zoom out on the TV, as his mom can be heard shouting him in the background-


-Shaun's Mom can be seen juggling a Sonic the Hedgehog Franco-American Pasta can in her hands.



-Zoom in on Shaun's Genesis Controller-


-Shaun's mom throws the can at him angrily-

-The can soars through the air-

-Zoom in on Shaun with the Genesis Controller-

-Zoom in on the Controller-

-The Can can be seen in the background, as the camera pans out on the room-

-Zoom in on the can darting through the air-

-Shaun catches it-

Shaun: "Food."

-Shaun places his can on a Genesis food slot-

Announcer:  Sonic the Hedgehog Pasta,  new from Franco-American.

-A "New" sign appears over the can-

-Pasta is seen stretching out from the TV-

-Shaun eats it and licks his lips as the Can's reflection is shown through his glasses-

Shaun: "Goooood!"

Announcer: "What are you playing for lunch?"

-Zoom out on a bowl of Sonic the Hedgehog Pasta, the cans and a slogan that reads "What are you playing for lunch?"


  • The music that plays in the commercial doesn't sync up with the level Shaun is playing(Mushroom Hill from Sonic 3 And Knuckles), and is actually the Chemical Plant Zone theme from Sonic 2.
  • There isn't actually a food slot on the SEGA Genesis.

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