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Stickerbush Symphony (commonly referred to as the level "Bramble Blast") is a song in Donkey Kong Country 2 that plays in the levels Bramble Blast, Bramble Scramble, first half of Screech's Sprint, and the Bramble portion of Animal Antics. The theme's success, has spawned many remixes from Nintendo and its fans.

David Wise, the composer of the tune, originally composed the tune for a water level, but because there were no 'real' water levels in the game, it almost went unused, however he decided to use the tune on Bramble Blast because "it was a good juxtaposition to the difficulty negotiating through such a hard stage of the game".


Donkey Kong Country 2(SNES)Edit

Bramble Blast Donkey Kong Country 2 SNES

Donkey Kong Country 2(GBA)Edit

Bramble Blast Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA

Donkey Kong Land 2Edit

Donkey Kong Land 2 Bramble Blast

Super Smash Bros BrawlEdit

Shares the same remix as Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS  and Super Smash Bros For Wii U

Super Smash Bros Brawl Bramble Blast

Donkey Kong Country Tropical FreezeEdit

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Bramble Blast

Fan RemixesEdit

Bramble Blast WaterDemonBaku Remix