Super Mario 3D Land is the first Super Mario platformer on the Nintendo 3DS.

The Gameplay is split into 8 Worlds, as is the tradition of the Super Mario Bros Series.

It is the First  Main Series 3D Mario Game of its kind- to exclude level obejctives like Power Stars or Shine Sprites.

This game combines elements of both the 2D and 3D Mario platformers.

A follow-up entitled Super Mario 3D World was released for the Wii U on November 22nd, 2013.



  • This was(along with Mario Kart 7) what boosted the sales  of the 3DS. Before this was out the 3DS was not selling well, due to a lackluster of First Party Games.
  • This Game marks the return of the Racoon and Tanooki Suits. They would later return in New Super Mario Bros 2  and Super Mario 3D World
  • There is a very disturbing Easter Egg tucked into this Game where a Ghost appears in the Background at the end of a Ghost Level. it`s triggered when you stay next to the Flagpole for too long.
  • This Game Marks  the first time in a Main Series 3D Mario Game, that the triple jump is left out.
  • The Tanooki Suit and Racoon Suit were originally supposed to fly like they did in Super Mario Bros. 3 However, Miyamoto made them glide instead,due to the lack of space on the Screen. New Super Mario Bros. 2 would later bring back these properties.
  • There was to be a Picture feature where you play as any thing using the 3DS Camera, but it was ultimately scrapped due to time constraints.