SMB2 Title

Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels outside of Japan) is a 1986 video game made by Nintendo and released as a single game only in Japan. It is the first sequal to Super Mario Bros., although the gameplay is completely unchanged,

Levels have been made brand new, and much harder than the first Super Mario Bros.


Once again, the princess of the mushroom kingdom, who is known as Princess Toadstool, has once again been kidnapped,

And upon so, You must take the role of Mario Segali (The main protaginist, and brother of Luigi Segali), in order to bring peace back to the kingdom, whilist fighting off much more of Bowser's minions than before.

There are still powerups to help the bros along the 8 difficult worlds, along with warp zones,

however, some of the warp zones may take you back A few worlds, depending on which zone you find,

And there is another type of mushroom in this game, basically doing the oppiside of the red ones,

These are known as Poison Mushrooms, they appear in A dark color, and will revert Mario to his normal size,

however, if Mario touches one of these Poison Mushrooms while already normal size, It will cost him A extra life.

Another new thing introduced is Green Springboards, these will lanuch Mario way up into the sky, going very far off the screen.

Another thing moddified is the graphics and game modes.

The graphics have become visually better, and the 1 Player Game / 2 Player Game modes have been replaced with A character select system,

Allowing you to play as Mario OR Luigi.

While Mario has better control, Luigi can jump somewhat higher, and can stay in midair longer.

Reception + legacyEdit

SMB2 Has had 2.5 million copies sold in japan, thus making this A best seller in japan,

Along with having a re-release on the Nintendo Wii virtual console. Most ideas created in SMB2 have later become standards of the future games in the Super Mario Bros. game series, Such as the constant skidding and higher jumping of Luigi, Poison Mushrooms, and the new apperence of ALL Mushrooms

(The mushrooms have eyes in SMB2)