Legends of Troy


In the age when Zues Almighty ruled over immortals and men, what begins as a truce between two cities quickly turns into a massive war that will shake the very foundations of Olympus. Clash with the legions of soldiers on huge battlegrounds that last for miles. An instence combat system lets a player grapple with and throw opponents, pick up and attack with a variety of short-range and long-range wepons, charge with shields, and use evasive maneuvers. Online multiplayer co-op and competitive play for up to 4 players. Do battle as greeks or Trojans. With two unique storylines players will see the war from two diffrent perspectives.



This games cheats are diffrent from most games because to unlock them you have to finish the game on a certin difficulty. (example: Super strength- Easy<----- If it says something like hard that means to unlock the cheat you need to finish the story mode on easy. Now here are the rest of the cheats:

Big Head Mode-Normal

Infinate Ammunation-Expert

One Hit Kills with Double Money-Hard

Tips for completing the GameEdit

  • For this game you might want to get achevments so you can buy better stuff in the game


Warriors Legends of Troy - Chapter 1 Landing HD Gameplay

Warriors Legends of Troy - Chapter 1 Landing HD Gameplay