Yoshi's Island DS is the 4th installment in the Yoshi's Island series and the 12th Mario game to be released on the Nintendo DS. It is a follow-up to its predecessor and boasts even more babies like Baby Wario and Baby Donkey Kong.

Yoshis Island DS Title Screen


The gameplay is the same it has always been. Yoshi  can throw eggs,lay them and spit them out to find  collectables and reach higher areas. When switching roles with another baby,the gameplay changes drastically. For example,Baby Donkey Kong can climb vines and Baby Wario can attract metal platforms and coins with his Magnet.

Yoshis Island DS Baby Donkey Kong Gameplay


Yoshi's Island DS is the first game in the series to remix  the main theme consistently for each stage, in different styles and tempos. 



  • The game was originally going to support the use of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, but the idea was ultimately scrapped for unspecified reasons.
  • The game was simply named "Yoshi's Island 2" in its early stages of development.

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