Yoshi's New Island is the 3rd installment in the Yoshi's Island series and the 4th Nintendo 3DS game to feature Yoshi.   Unlike Super Mario Advance 3:Yoshi's Island  and Yoshi's Island DS, Yoshi's New Island is an entirely new installment in the Yoshi's Island series.


The player  traverses through multiple levels, throwing eggs into various spots to uncover secrets and using the signature Flutter Jump technique to reach higher areas.

New to the Yoshi's Island series are Giant Eggs which can be flung into pipes repeatedly,to gain 1-ups. 

The colossal Metal Egg will allow Yoshi to stay underwater for an unlimited time. It can also break walls in quick sucession.

Every level is fairly short,because the game has a higher emphasis on collecting Flowers,Red Coins and Star Power.


The soundtrack to Yoshi's New Island takes a different approach. Instead of the usual 16-bit renditions, soothing lullaby music plays throughout each level,being remixed each time.

This includes boss fights,which boast different music but the same lullaby vibe.



  •  The word "New"  in this title is a nod to the New Super Mario Bros Series.
  • The same music  is remixed throughout each level and world with different instruments added to the mix.


Many world renowned critics called Yoshi's New Island "mediocore" and mentioned how the game is too easy and holds your hand the majority of the time.

They also commented on how the many remixes of the overworld theme became monotonous for them.

However, the vast majority mentioned that obtaining all the collectables in  each level is quite a challenge and adds replay value to the game.